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I felt fairly sure that Mom had told Penny about our sexual affair, just as she had frankly discussed her sexual frustration just before the affair began.I sometimes caught Aunt Penny looking at me in a strange new way, sort of an appraising stare, as if she were wondering just how good a lover I might be.

When she turned, I could see the enchanting crease of her ass cheeks below the minuscule legs of the shorts.

It would not have surprised me if Penny had taken a lover, because when she wanted something, she was inclined to go after it, no matter what--and she sure as hell would have had no trouble finding a willing man...

But as far as I knew, she had not become quite that desperate yet.

But now, as I had heard my aunt tell my mother, she was neglected and starved for sex.

My uncle was much more interested in making money (at which he was very successful) and seeking political power (which so far had eluded him).

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