New york state sex offender registry website

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The Lychner Act imposed two major obligations on the FBI that became effective October 3, 1997: Under the Act, the FBI may release relevant information to federal, state, and local criminal justice agencies for law enforcement purposes only.

Public notification will only be made if it is necessary to protect the public.

Notification to the FBI and state authorities must be made within 10 days upon moving to a new state and/or establishing residence following release from prison or placed on parole, supervised release, or probation.

Follow the link below to find out more information about Boat License requirements. P.421) to serve as your temporary Boat Safety Certificate.

View Non-Tidal Boat Operator License Requirements [pdf] A3: To operate a vessel upon the waters of this State, an individual would need one of the following: a Boat Safety Certificate issued in their home State, a New Jersey Boat Safety Certificate, United States Coast Guard Captain’s License, or written proof of completion of a safety course approved by N. The Marine Services Bureau will send the instructor your permanent certificate for issuance to the student.

If there is any question if this applies to your course, the matter has to be resolved by the course provider not the Marine Services Bureau.

The Office of the New York State Attorney General is investigating whether public comments regarding net neutrality rules wrongfully used New Yorkers’ identities without their consent.

We encourage you to search the FCC’s public comment website and tell us if you see any comments that misuse your name and address.

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