Meditation dating

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You probably already knew that karma comes back around, but positivity does too.

"Being mindful of our thoughts allows us to pivot from negative, pessimistic, worrisome thoughts to positive, optimistic ones that elevate us from feeling anxious or depressed to hopeful and enthusiastic," she says.

Sweaty palms, shaky hands, racing heart, knotted stomach—no, this isn't the middle of a HIIT workout.

The key: Have a positive expectation so you appreciate the date, versus spending the entire time looking for reasons you're not a match, she says.

Turns out, meditation might just be the number-one thing your mind and body need to get set for the roulette that is the modern dating world: eharmony just teamed up with meditation app Stop, Breathe & Think to conduct a study of their users and found that meditation really does have perks for your dating life.

They compared 311 eharmony members also used Stop, Breathe & Think with another group of 311 members who didn't use the meditation app (but were of a similar age, gender, location and had signed up for eharmony at around the same time).

There's something about a first date (especially a blind date or an Internet date, where you're meeting the person IRL for the first time ever) that can send you into a total tizzy.

Picking out a confidence-boosting outfit and cranking out a workout can flood your body with "I got this" feels and feel-good endorphins, but those shouldn't be the only to-dos on your first date prep checklist.

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