Dating emotional cripple

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If this is you, I highly recommend you go pick up a copy of 10 Steps to Gain Husbandly Leadership and put it into action ASAP.It's the best crash course I've got for making changes today.To be clear, problems in your sex life will not CAUSE your wife to want a separation or divorce.Bedroom problems alone will not cripple a marriage.A perfect example is the reader question I published a couple weeks ago from a guy whose wife was spending 20 hours per month talking to another man on the phone.And that's in addition to the 1,500 texts she sent him every month. An emotional affair is one of the most common and dangerous problems that men who come to Husband Help Haven are struggling with. You probably heard about the huge Ashley Madison hack that took place in mid-2015.Basically, it’s a website specifically designed to help married men and women find casual partners to hook up with.

Start stepping up as a husband NOW, before it's too late.

If you think your wife wants divorce, then you might want to start looking for divorce advice for husbands.

A meeting with an attorney may be your best move, even if you're still going to keep fighting for the marriage.

But, they're a good indicator that other problems are having an effect on your marriage.

The Digital Revolution has made infidelity easier than ever.

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